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Wind Turbines
Wind Towers

Microhydro Turbines
If your site has a source of running water, you simply must investigate its potential as a source of electricity. Our experience has demonstrated that water power will produce between 10 and 100 times more power than solar or wind for the same capital investment. Since water flows day and night, a microhydro system requires far less battery storage than other technologies. Even if the stream is far away, it may still be viable. Seasonal streams offer great performance when a hybrid water and solar system is designed. When your power requirements are the highest - in the winter - the water is usually flowing the fastest.

Electricity is produced from the energy in water flowing from a high level to a lower level. This change in elevation is called “head” and supplies the pressure which drives the turbine. “Flow” is the other factor contributing to power production. It is usually limited by the size of the creek. The amount of electricity produced is directly related to the head and flow. If the head or flow is increased the power output increases proportionally.

Microhydro Accessories & Parts
The turbine is only part of your system. A microhydro system requires other components such as valves, pipe, controllers, cable, etc.

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